Frequently Asked Questions

1) What do I get for my Spring registration fee?

Spring registration includes game jerseys. Practice pinny and shorts are provided for all first time registered players. Coaching fees, field rentals, league fees, referees for games, and tournament fees are included in registration. Players are responsible for the rental or purchase of their own gear which includes: Helmet, shoulder/chest pads- MUST meet new NOCSAE requirements, gloves, cleats, mouth guard and stick.

2) Where can I get lacrosse equipment?

Gear can be purchased or rented.  Once your son is committed to the sport he will want his own gear.  Rentals for new players are available at Superior Seconds in Issaquah.  Dick's Sporting Goods in the Issaquah Highlands offers lacrosse gear year round, but inventory is at its best January-through March. We offer a discount for lacrosse equipment purchased at Dick’s Sporting Goods on specified club discount weekends. Lacrosse Wolf in Bellevue is another local store to check out gear. There are numerous online options as well. If you need advice on what equipment to purchase, reach out to a coach!
*Skyline Lacrosse Club offers gear swaps when able. 

3) When does the spring season start?

Lacrosse is a spring sport, with GAMES beginning the FIRST weeks in MARCH.
The coaching staff will be hosting "Throw-Arounds" beginning in January for grades K-2, 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8.  Please check the schedule for times and locations. HS begins weight training and Captains Practices January-February and tryouts are held the last week in February/first week of March depending on the yearly calendar.
5/6 and 7/8 tryouts take place in November. These teams participate in the Space Needle Shootout Tournament the first weekend in December. Practices for 5/6 and 7/8 begin February, with no practices over mid winter break.  It is understood that winter sport commitments are honored until their season officially ends. 

4) How do I know the "when and where” for practices and games?

We use our Team Snap for team and club communication. Once you are registered and assigned to a team, you will receive an invitation to join the team through Team Snap (TS). TS can be managed by computer, but it is highly recommended that you also use the app on your smart phone.  Team schedule and communication will be found here. Alerts regarding changes to the schedule and reminder for scheduled events will be sent via text and/or email.

5) What is the time commitment each week?

Lightning/K-2 players will practice Friday nights and have games most Saturdays.  3/4 and 5/6 Silver teams practice 2x a week with games most Saturdays.  Tryout teams 5/6 Green and 7/8 Green practice 3x a week with games most Saturdays.  HS practices daily. When games begin, HS has up to 2 games a week, typically weekday games, though some Saturday games should be expected. HS Varsity also travel each Spring Break.  This is required of all Varsity players and the cost is in addition to registration fees. Individual skill practice, outside of scheduled team practices, is highly encouraged to take play to the next level at grades, youth- HS.

6) Will the schedule remain the same each week throughout the season?

We strive to achieve this. However there will be fluctuation in practice time and location. Given where we live, field space is in high demand. We are at the mercy of the space we are allotted and do our best to keep schedules as consistent as possible.

7) Do players need to be registered before attending throw-arounds, tryouts, clinics, etc.?

Throw arounds/pre-season January Saturday practices are a great time to check out lacrosse. No registration is required for these events.  To attend tryouts and regular team practices, registration is required, which includes a valid US Lacrosse number for the duration of the spring season (or fall season if playing Fall Ball).

8) What opportunities are there for play outside of the Spring Lacrosse Season?


  • Skyline Lacrosse offers a FALL BALL program at are age levels.  This program is low commitment and allows for players to participate in fall sports.  Practices and games rotate weekly on Sundays throughout the fall.
  • Tryouts are held at the 5/6 and 7/8 level in November for players looking for a higher competitive and higher committed experience. Players who are rostered on these teams will play in the Space Needle Shootout the first weekend in December and two additional tournaments in the summer- Summer Solstice in mid June and another TBD in June or July. *Lacrosse is a no cut sport. If you want to play, there is a team for you! 
  • 3 v 3 TOURNAMENT: A great event for youth players to participate in during the holiday break. After the tournament, the HS- ALUMNI Game is played.
  • Skyline offers SUMMER CAMPS at every level.
  • WEEKLY SUMMER PLAY: Sticks In-pick up games are scheduled throughout the summer. Check registration in late spring for time/location details.
  • Summer Travel Programs: There are area lacrosse clubs that offered team play in the off season.

HS: It is strongly encouraged that HS Lacrosse Players take advantage of every opportunity to play with their HS teammates. Skyline Lacrosse wholeheartedly supports multi-sport athletes and player dedication should be to the sport they are playing that season. During off season and if not participating in another sport, Skyline Lacrosse offers the following opportunities.

  • FALL BALL- HS participates in both indoor and outdoor leagues during the fall. Games are played on weekends.
  • November- open coaching season for Lacrosse. HS coaches have access to their players during this month. Practices and scrimmages are scheduled. The open season ends with the Space Needle Shootout the first weekend in December. Participation this month is essential for setting up a successful spring season.
  • HS/ALUMNI GAME: Each holiday season alumni return and friendly game is played between past and present players! It's a fun, community building event for all!
  • Weight training/conditioning: December through February
  • Captains Practices: January and February
  • Post Spring season play: Summer Solstice Tournament-local and an additional summer tournament in June or July (regional).

9) What’s the Club Mailing Address?

Skyline Spartans Lacrosse Club
3020 Issaquah Pine Lake Rd SE #487
Sammamish, WA 98075-7253

10) Is the Club a for-profit or non-profit organization?

Yes, Skyline Spartans Lacrosse Club is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization.