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Welcome to the home of the Skyline Spartans Lacrosse Club. has the latest news, information, schedules, results and more about Skyline Spartans Lacrosse.

NEW TO LACROSSE? We welcome new players grades 1 through 8, and invite you to find out more about the fastest growing youth sport in America. Each new player in grades 1-4 qualifies for free rental equipment from the club. If you have questions, please feel welcome to contact the club using info or join our email list to get periodic updates. Visit us on Facebook Twitter or Instagram.


Registration for Fall Lacrosse is Open

Skyline Spartans Fall Lacrosse Registration

Registration for Fall Lacrosse for grades 3-8 is now open.

Visit to get your son registered for this fun and challenging season of GELL League play before the price goes up on September 1st.



Fall Ball is fun, instructional and competitive. We will be playing league opponents this fall season, as we did last year.  

The base cost for Fall Lacrosse is $150 if you register in August. On September 1st the price goes up to $175. 

Skyline HS Head Coach Sam Hutson and his assistants will coach all youth teams in the fall.

Game & Practice dates are as follows (times and details to be confirmed at the Parent meeting in October):

2016 Greater Eastside Lacrosse League
(GELL) Fall Schedule
Sunday 34 56 78
Season begins after Labor Day weekend 9/3-9/5
9/11/16 Practice Practice Practice
9/18/16 Practice Practice Practice
9/25/16 GAME GAME Practice
10/2/16 Practice Practice GAME
10/9/16 GAME GAME Practice
10/16/16 Practice Practice GAME
10/23/16 GAME GAME Practice
10/30/16 Practice Practice GAME
Halloween 10/31
11/6/16 GAME GAME Practice
Veterans Day 11/11
11/13/16 Practice Practice GAME
Season ends before Thanksgiving 11/24


Still have questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions first. If you don't find an answer, send an email to info [at]

Thanks for your interest in Skyline Fall Lacrosse.

Brad Lees for the Skyline Spartans Lacrosse Club.



by posted 08/03/2016
WA State needs to catch up with popularity in lacrosse

Well Said! Bravo!

Washington State needs to catch up with popularity in lacrosse

By Sam Kenyon   Mar 10, 2016
Published on as Opinion
In 1973, the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association added soccer to its list of sanctioned school sports. Imagine all the matches played since then and the tradition of youth soccer in Washington and the rest of the country. Now imagine if that never happened and soccer was relegated to a private club sport instead of one that athletes play while proudly displaying their high school colors.
That’s what’s happening right now, but it’s not soccer being left out, it’s lacrosse. Lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing sports in America and it’s time to let it into the schools. For decades, lacrosse was a highly regional sport, found only in the Northeast. But it has since exploded on the West Coast, and now there are club teams in King County that deserve to be represented. In fact, the Pacific Northwest is an area with especially high lacrosse growth.
The Issaquah Lacrosse Club started the push for lacrosse in the area east of Seattle, and from that club sprung many others like it, including the Mount Si lacrosse club, now in its seventh season.
It’s time for the WIAA to recognize lacrosse and bring it into the fold as the newest spring sport in which high schools can compete. There is no reason why high school athletes shouldn’t be able to get their letter in lacrosse. In fact, the local club teams like the Mount Si lacrosse club are already aligning themselves with the various local high schools in anticipation of becoming a sanctioned sport.
According to the Washington chapter of U.S. Lacrosse, there are 4,000 youth athletes playing lacrosse in this state. But in 2011, the WIAA voted not to sanction the sport.
The reasons against sanctioning lacrosse have some limited logic to them, but I don’t find them convincing. The first concern is logistical: Is there enough field space? Can schools afford the equipment? The second concern is far weaker: Lacrosse might cannibalize other spring sports.
I respect the logistical concerns, even if I disagree with them. First, in terms of field space, the teams are already in existence. They have clearly already found adequate field space and they did it on their own, without any help from the school system. That argument also applies to the cost of equipment. Clearly the athletes and teams have found a way to self-finance, because they are playing right now. I argue the fact that they found funding and field time in an environment where the WIAA says there isn’t enough of either proves they deserve a chance.
By the way, that’s all this would be, a chance. If the WIAA allowed lacrosse, it wouldn’t compel schools to create teams if there wasn’t enough interest. It would simply allow them to create a lacrosse team if there was.
As to the second argument against lacrosse, that it will cannibalize other spring sports, I find this a disappointing line of reasoning by the WIAA. If a sport is cannibalized by another sport, doesn’t that mean that it should have been? Why is the WIAA forcing certain spring sports when, if given the chance, the athletes would rather play something else? Why does the WIAA get to decide what spring sports are worthy? That decision should be up to the players on the field.
Lacrosse is already huge. It’s time for the WIAA to simply catch up to reality.
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by posted 03/24/2016
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